Full Transparency & Control Over Your IT

Through Standardisation and Automation.

We take your IT to the next level – for enhanced performance of your processes, services, and systems at consistent costs.

What Benefits Does an Optimized & Holistic IT Offer?

Optimal exploitation of potentials by eliminating inconsistencies and inefficiencies in processes, services, and systems.

Automated and smooth workflows give your employees time back for operationally essential tasks. This allows new technologies to be deployed more quickly.

Increased innovation capability and agility to remain relevant in the market and to react quickly to unforeseen situations.

Challenges in IT Organizations

That Cause Headaches for Every IT Manager

Lack of Qualified IT Professionals

Many IT managers lament the lack of qualified IT professionals. The high workload of existing staff leads to high frustration and turnover in the IT department. This not only results in a lack of time but also the necessary capacity to achieve defined goals and introduce new technologies.

Unstable IT Landscape

Constant system failures, not promptly resolved by IT professionals, can severely hinder operational business. This not only leads to revenue losses but also endangers corporate success.

Increased Security Risk Due to Cybercrime

The number of cyberattacks has continued to increase significantly in 2023. And with it, the risk that highly sensitive data is stolen or the IT landscape is attacked. The company can suffer reputational damage from which it may not recover in the worst case.

Increasing Complexity

With the advancement of technology, the complexity and susceptibility to errors of IT landscapes also increase. Many IT managers lack an overview and control over new or existing dependencies. This poses the risk that errors or problems are recognized too late or not at all.

No Overview of IT Costs

Due to an incomplete overview of IT costs, many IT managers are unable to make a reliable statement. Without accurate and reliable data, inefficiencies cannot be recognized, and the IT budget for new innovations cannot be determined. This endangers competitiveness and company growth.

Our 5 Modules for a Sustainably Optimized IT Organization


The IT Organization as a Talent Forge

We help you build a structured IT organization based on an inspiring and supportive work culture.

So that your employees enjoy working for you and you attract and retain more qualified IT professionals sustainably.


Fail-Safe through IT Radar

Automated and efficient processes and tools support your IT professionals in monitoring and evaluating the data of your IT landscape in real-time.

This allows errors and disturbances to be identified and rectified promptly. We implement a comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution to ensure a reliable and robust IT infrastructure.


The Intelligent Shield for Cyber Security

IT managers and IT professionals must deal with increasingly aggressive and severe cyberattacks. It is essential to sensitize and train your employees for this.

Additional preventive measures with the help of external partners and tools enable you to react quickly and agilely to possible attacks. We show you how to implement such an IT security concept for your company.


Standardization and Automation as a Turbo for Your IT Strategy

The continuous optimization and harmonization of processes, services, and systems contribute significantly to the agility and success of a company.

Automation allows you to relieve your resources and prioritize based on the relevance of your business. This not only gives you a competitive edge but also saves valuable time and costs!


Budget Navigation for Sustainable Innovation

Project, resource, and budget planning are fundamental aspects of every department.

To avoid wrong decisions in planning and investments for corporate strategy, a reliable data basis is essential. We show you which methods and tools you can use to keep track of the most important key figures of your IT organization at all times.

We Accompany You on the Path

To Sustainable Innovation Power for IT

How Does Collaboration with IT Holistic Work?

In 3 Steps to Full Transparency & Control Over Your IT

Step 1

Potential Analysis

Together, we analyze the current situation and challenges of your IT organization, identify optimization potentials, and define further procedures.

Step 2

Implementation Strategy

Based on the insights gained from the potential analysis, we develop a structured plan to sustainably eliminate inefficiencies and consider new innovations.

Step 3


During the implementation phase, you will be accompanied and closely supervised by our team. We guarantee you a controlled and smooth process and a functioning IT organization as a result.

How You Benefit from Working with Us

  • In-depth Expertise Since 2010, we have been successfully implementing IT organization projects for our clients. Therefore, we can tell you exactly which proven combination of methods and tools is the best solution for your company.
  • 360-Degree View During all project phases, we always keep an eye on the relevant factors of your IT – the services, processes, systems, and people.
  • Acceptance as the Key to Success We ensure that your employees are involved in the entire improvement process. In training and workshops, they are purposefully guided and trained by our experts. This effectively minimizes friction points and hurdles during project implementation.

About IT Holistic

Simon Veiser is the founder of IT Holistic and an expert in IT strategy, IT organization, IT service management, IT training, workshops, and organizational change management and communication.

Since 2010, he and his team have been supporting IT managers, such as CIOs, CTOs, and department heads of companies of all types and sizes, in advancing their IT organization. For more powerful services, processes, and systems at consistent costs.

Through his many years of experience and expertise, he knows the problems and challenges of an IT organization and knows the right strategies to effectively and sustainably solve them.

To contact Simon, email him at [email protected] or call him at +49-2131-4051037